@joshmillard Just wondering out loud if its time to burn down the internet yet...

Pet peeve for today: people who point the slide-advancing-clicker device at the screen showing the projection instead of the computer that needs to receive the IR signal.

Every once in a while something reminds me that, canonically, The Chronicles of Narnia are a Sherlock Holmes fan fiction

Cool! I've been meaning to play with orca. Thanks for the reminder!

@Are0h Looks really pretty! I love Panic, but wish they would do multi-platform! :)

"Over 60,000 people in Finland are about to go on strike to prevent 700 postal workers from a wage cut"

Fuck yes, solidarity.



Fuck the rest of the imperial system, though.

– So, what games are you playing these days?

– Mostly Open Street Map

Me sitting on the couch on laptop: ...
My wife: What'cha up to?
Me: ...
Adding our alleyway's utility poles to Open Street Map.
My wife: ... Ok

The name collision between Walkaway the novel by Cory Doctorow/off grid & economic philosophy and the wacko scam of people leaving the democratic party in droves is really unfortunate.

@sir Seems to mostly be happening when clicking into a directory in the tree tab of a repo, but I'm not sure that's the only place.

@sir On that note, I've been seeing a marked upswing in the time its taking to load git.sr.ht pages. Just me or is there a backend bottleneck?

@platypus TIL about name authority records! Thanks for the diversion!

@matrix A few milliseconds is definitely less than 10 seconds! :)

The fact that MacOS defaults to opening markdown files in XCode as opposed to literally anything else cracks me up. Talk about killing a fly with a sledgehammer...

@cwebber I HOPE I'm your internet friend! We chat on IRC after all.

Nope. I'm a wrangler so I'm just making sure nothing catches on fire. I'll be around.

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