If you want to join matrix but do not want to go on matrix.org (and you should go there, it's overcrowded) you can find a list of alternative servers here : hello-matrix.net/public_server

I like feneas.org (nice domain name), chat.weho.st (established non-profit service provider), tedomum.net (french established non-profit service provider)

And of course there is mental.af which has the best domain name of all (that's where I am)

An old building belonging to one of the oldest, richest and most powerful religious organizations on the planet.

I got my first tattoo a few months ago at the age of 38 and I absolutely love it.

It's pretty cool that the creators of Assassin's Creed are allowing free downloads of their game with the model of Notre Dame so that people can experience it.

It would be cooler if they released a Blender file as open source.

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Thought: If Siddhartha Gautama had lived today, the Noble Eightfold Path would totally have been turned into a click-bait listicle.

How long until we can implement local/edge-focused peer-to-peer serverless computing? It seems like WASM + WiFi + parallelization of tasks could replace at least some computing needs.

@cwebber Yeah, this was going to be my only response. There are some good reasons to question using old tech, but they're mostly just security-related.

Today's small action to resist creeping fascism: When you see a surveillance camera on the street, take a moment to make sure its location is recorded in OpenStreetMap.
This link will take you to a query showing them:

Editing OSM is easy! wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Be

Dear coffee shop wifi splash page, no you do not need my phone number and you sure as SHIT don't need my birthday.

@code @Gargron Thanks, that's what I figured but wanted a gut check.

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