@datatitian @cwebber @cathal @feonixrift do you have a repo anywhere I can follow? I was thinking of trying something like that in pure rust with a game engine.

@ersen@fosstodon.org no the one about the Automattic investment in Matrix.

Oh god, I did it again. I looked at the comments on a HN post.


@cathal @feonixrift

There's also a project along these lines working off of Mozilla's Hubs. @datatitian was mentioning it a few days ago. I don't know how far along it is, however.

@InvaderXan Mt. McKinley in Alaska is actually called Denali in the indigenous language. Such a better name!

@datatitian @ImmersSpace I've been wanting to build this but pure peer to peer!

@yoyehudi I honestly thought at first that you were talking about an MMORPG until I got to the end of the sentence.

@Cedara For sure. Started setting up my own gemini server.

@gaurdianaq Yeah, its a PITA to google for. Its a protocol. Check out gemini.circumlunar.space

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