There are a bunch of problems in the world, and particularly in tech, that are hard and important, but which don't produce a profit. How can we make sure that work gets done?

What about monastic-like life? I wrote up some thoughts...


I feel like this would resonate with @neauoire @cwebber @solderpunk and @SirCmpwn among probably many others in the fediverse.

@ross @neauoire @cwebber @SirCmpwn It certainly does with me, and with @xj9 too, I'd wager. Thanks for sharing!

@solderpunk @neauoire @cwebber @SirCmpwn @xj9 I was trying to wedge stuff like simpler web/gemini into there but it didn't quite fit obviously into the larger thesis. :)

@solderpunk @neauoire @cwebber @SirCmpwn @xj9

Now on gemini too!


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