There are a bunch of problems in the world, and particularly in tech, that are hard and important, but which don't produce a profit. How can we make sure that work gets done?

What about monastic-like life? I wrote up some thoughts...

I feel like this would resonate with @neauoire @cwebber @solderpunk and @SirCmpwn among probably many others in the fediverse.

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@ross @neauoire @cwebber @SirCmpwn It certainly does with me, and with @xj9 too, I'd wager. Thanks for sharing!

@solderpunk @neauoire @cwebber @SirCmpwn @xj9 I was trying to wedge stuff like simpler web/gemini into there but it didn't quite fit obviously into the larger thesis. :)

@solderpunk @neauoire @cwebber @SirCmpwn @xj9

Now on gemini too!


@ross I love the idea, even if I'm not sure it's practical.

I think tech co-ops are the closest I've seen so far.

While I like the idea of local contributions and local focus, I also think an Internet age community should embrace the opportunity that we can live in different places while collaborating on maintenance of public interest infrastructure.

@npd I totally agree with lots of that, yeah. I'm curious what practicalities in particular you see? :)

Tech coops are in the same ballpark, yes. Keeping the revenue within the community achieves a lot of the same things.

@ross I think so much new technology depends on collaboration with lots and lots of people (as in the Mozilla example that was your starting point), so the separated monastic model won't be able to contribute as much as the hyper-networked co-op.

@ross most challenging to me seems to be financial sustainability, especially considering the number of people necessary for some significant developments we'd like to see.

And the level of disparity between current market salaries and a basic living wage (or even well-paying civil society jobs) is so high right now that it seems especially difficult to incentivize many people to, say, welcome a 90% pay cut. (On the other hand, maybe "vows" are the only way to encourage that.)

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