Is there a community in the fediverse excited about the newish protocol? Its meant to live halfway between http and gopher. Who should I be following?

@ross what is it? Is it a transport protocol for data? or something else? (Difficult to find info online right now, not sure what I should be searching that won't bring up nasas gemini program, or astrology stuff)

@gaurdianaq Yeah, its a PITA to google for. Its a protocol. Check out

@ross I'll have to learn more about it (as well as gopher, and learn more details of http) always wanted to learn more about how different protocols work and how they're designed...

@Cedara For sure. Started setting up my own gemini server.

@Cedara @ross The mailing list or #gemini on are probably even better!

@ross I can't point you in the right direction, but I think it's pretty cool. Had never heard of it until your mention. With all of the complexity and abstraction in modern web browsing, I think a lot of people and newcomers could get into simplicity.

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