@neauoire have you come across a good list of synths that people are using orca with? My laptop doesn't have the umph for VCV Rack, and pilot is nice but I'm looking for a bit more control. Supercollider scares me but might be the best option?

@ross well, it varies so much I'm not sure what to suggest. What are you looking for, something that does all instruments, or just one synth?

I'm more looking for inspiration/things to try and play with. Synths mostly I suppose.

@ross I have a microbrute and it's an absolutely charm to use. I also have the polivoks which is great if you have a couple of guitar pedals to hook it to. I love monophonic synths.

@neauoire That's helpful, thanks! I was looking at a norns the past couple days, but thinking a synth first is probably more useful. :)

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