Ross Schulman

What exactly does the Mastodon search bar search through? Particularly if you live on a single-person instance as I do?

@ross When you click on it, an information tooltip appears under. It's written there (if search is enabled)

@Gargron Oh yeah, sorry, I meant: does it search just my server, all servers, just servers I'm already federated with, etc?

@code @Gargron Thanks, that's what I figured but wanted a gut check.

@code @ross more precisely it only searches your local server, but also searches in posts from federating servers that have been delivered to you (eg. because of follow relations or thread resolutions).
But those other servers also contain many posts that have never been send to your instance, thus they are not searched.

@ross You can enter URLs to someone's profile or a toot and it will take you there. You can also enter a user's handle to view their profile and you can search for hashtags. If you have ElasticSearch set up, you can also search toot contents

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