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Ross Schulman

I'm stuffing my head full of PCB design info this week because I have a project in my head that requires basically a Raspberry Pi without a bunch of the components and on a smaller form factor.

Jumping straight into designing an RPi equivalent may not be the best learning route... Anyone have advice on things to read/watch?

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one mastodon feature I'd like to see is the ability to customize your own timeline by selecting instances, so it's not either just local or the whole fediverse.

It'd be like building your own little neighborhood.

Folks Synapse 0.33.2 just landed. Plenty of perf improvements to keep things snappy, check it out

OMG today's XKCD is amazing and 10000% on point.

Is it just me, or would a browser command of "send this tab all the way to the {right|left}" be useful? Or does it exist and I just can't find it?

In my head, Mishima's narrative disorder from Malka Older's Infomacracy series and Cayce's branding sensitivity from William Gibsons's Pattern Recognition are related disorders.

Anyone have an alternative to Hacker News if I want links to wide ranging tech news and open source links but less rampantly stupid commentary?

It seems like ActivityPub could easily have an equivalent of "301 Moved Permanently" that would tell a client to stop following a given account and follow another instead? Is that a thing?

During the session I moderated at the last week, a very nice gentleman interrupted to make a statement. He announced that he was the original developer of "finger" and I really had to resist the urge to ask him WHY HE CALLED IT THAT!?

cc @mchris @KendraSerra

Consumer Reports has release the second of its feature reviews of privacy and security based on the Digital Standard.

Check out OTI's guides to the DS here:

RT We have another #Librem5 progress report for everyone.

"Designing the scope of the Librem 5’s communication apps" by, our Director of Creative


Hey I'm really happy that Mastodon exists, and I hope it just continues to improve and grow as a community. Happy Friday, y'all

@pixelfed Does the private vs public account modifier do anything yet? I have a private account but can see my photos when not logged in.

Jennifer Granick is dropping knowledge at the in the Front End Stage. Livestream:

ahhh too many good sessions. Can't decide what to attend!

"Documents seen by The Intercept reveal that the Chinese search app -- only earmarked for Android at this stage -- will automatically identify websites blocked by China's so-called Great Firewall."

Repeat with me: corporate 👏 interest 👏 will 👏 always 👏 go 👏 against 👏 the 👏 people

About to head to builder's day for the . Incredibly excited to spend these three days with such awesome and smart folks.

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