"We didn't call it fuzzing back in the 1950s, but it was our standard practice to test programs by inputting decks of punch cards taken from the trash.

We also used decks of random number punch cards. We weren't networked in those days, so we weren't much worried about security, but our random/trash decks often turned up undesirable behavior.

Every programmer I knew used the trash-deck technique."

-- Gerald M. Weinberg


we live on a farm in a forest. we create sound machines and open source ecosystems at monome.org. we help build community at llllllll.co.

that's the short version.

it's a new day. hello.

I feel like this would resonate with @neauoire @cwebber @solderpunk and @SirCmpwn among probably many others in the fediverse.

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There are a bunch of problems in the world, and particularly in tech, that are hard and important, but which don't produce a profit. How can we make sure that work gets done?

What about monastic-like life? I wrote up some thoughts...


@neauoire Did I miss a memo somewhere? Why are people all of a sudden going deeply into plan9?

Is there a realistic way to have a working smartphone in 2020 and not support the Chinese government?

I enjoy #rightscon a lot, but it's not always easy for those I want to hear from to travel to it.

Also I know people wonder if it's "really for them".

This year it's free and virtual. If you're reading this: it's really for you.

24 hours to register! rightscon.course.tc/catalog/co

"There is no way around this -- when corporations take extraordinary measures to avoid paying taxes, they are doing extraordinary harm to citizens who have the greatest need for education, housing, health, and social services. If brands really believe that Black Lives Matter they must stop starving our country of the resources to improve black lives by hiding their taxable profits in offshore tax havens."

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I'm sure I can get a bunch of tech nerds to form a union if I just call it a guild

A good thing about #ADHD is that you can't accidentally deadname people because there's no way you remember their deadname.

I'm on the Lawfare Podcast today talking about the bot panic on mainstream social media and also the benefits (and drawbacks) of decentralized social media:


This was a really funny/fun conversation with the hosts, it should be a pretty entertaining listen.

Is there a word for loving the idea of esotericism (the occult, ancient secret societies, DaVinci Code, etc) but being way too rational to actually indulge in it?

#Facebook just bought #Mapillary.

Move your images to a #FOSS *community run* project instead! How? Simple:

1. Download your images: github.com/gitouche-sur-osm/ma

2. Upload to #OpenStreetCam:

3. Enjoy giving a giant, fat middle finger to #Zuckerberg. 🌻 🌈 🌻

4. Boost and have a nice day!

Do we have a word yet for the thing where you write up a meticulous outline for a new piece then begin writing something that bears only a passing resemblance to the outline?

Oh god, I did it again. I looked at the comments on a HN post.

lol cabal got a shout-out on tech crunch (near the end):
"Meething, Cabal and Oasis are taking on video conferencing, team chat and social feeds from a decentralized standpoint, using the miracles of modern internet architecture to accomplish with distributed systems what once took centralized servers."

Is there a community in the fediverse excited about the newish protocol? Its meant to live halfway between http and gopher. Who should I be following?

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