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Ross Schulman

I'm taking a bird site sabbatical, so you all better keep me entertained for now! Suggestions on who to follow very welcome! I like and amongst others.

My pet peeve of the day: missing ONE hair when shaving in the morning.

Note to self: `make -j4` is your friend.

John Perry Barlow has passed away. :/

Also arrived in the mail on Friday: a GPS receiver on a chip, to hook up to my Raspberry Pi and see if I can keep a track of my own movements instead of shipping those off to Google.

Home electronics update: I now own a wire stripper and a multimeter. This goes along with my really crappy soldering iron that I should replace. Still, can totally make some electronic stuff now!

We were so sure that the techno-dystopia would be implemented by a nation state

We implemented all kinds of protections against the government but forgot to put any in place for rogue tech companies

Anyone else not getting any audio from PeerTube? Mac OS X, tried Chrome and Firefox without joy.

Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.

- Ursula K Le Guin

@maslow ALWAYS down to follow bisexual lady hackers. They're the best kind.

The sheer force of will it takes some days to keep a straight face and respond "fine!" when someone greets you with "How are you doing?".

2018 is going to be an amazing time to be working on tech. Between secure scuttlebutt, , @matrix, , mesh networking, and DIY hardware, I hardly know where to focus my efforts!

I really want to be smart enough to understand the Project Zero side-channel/Spectre/Meltdown blog post...

Its incredibly disappointing that everything trending on Steem is conspiracy "deep state" alt-right garbage. I guess that's the cryptocurrency crowd for you these days.

Oh cool. If you have , dat:// will work for my website now.

Some of my thoughts on in 2017, including secure scuttlebutt, mesh wireless, mastodon, and how companies might help.

Responding to code review on a python script:
1. Must add flag to C program called by script
2. g++ out of date
3. Need High Sierra to install new XCode
4. Can't remember Apple ID password
5. PW reset link from CLI email client = nope
6. Mobile browser can't focus passwd field

Two hours later: What the hell was I doing?

Google Map's Moat: The vast difference in data and data derived from data giving Google Maps a leg up on the competition.

Great article from @andrestaltz:

This is a continuation from his previous article:

The new article focus on #decentralization using some exciting new #protocols and technologies. Really recommended reading.

🍍boosts are appreciated 💖🚀

I have been using #mastodon and #scuttlebutt and am in love with both technologies.

#scuttlebutt #dat #web #ssbc